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Smart People

Conscious Consumer

The aim of the Association of Conscious Consumers is to support and strengthen sustainable consumption, ethical (environmentally and socially responsible) consumption and corporate operations, the sustainability of markets, and the knowledge about the rights and obligations of consumers in Hungary. Our association (ACC) has been promoting ethical, environmental and socially conscious consumption and lifestyle choices since 2001.

Our Street

The "miutcank.hu" is a social and community-building platform where you can easily learn about one another in neighbourhood and you will recognize the potential in the good neighborhoods. After registration it becomes possible to hire tools and commodity within neighbourhood and to help one another in working around the house and organizing social work, events, public programs that affect the area.

Házfal (house wall)

For residents: Hazfal is a public place, where the residents can get to know each other. Helps in the cooperation, makes easier the residents’ interest vindication. Hazfal offers such a management tool for the residents, which helps them to be informed about the businesses of the condominium in a transparent way, helps managing the tenants, from anywhere, whenever, from any device without language barrier. For administrators: Hazfal is a cloud based online service, which offers services for the administrators, especially made for them.

Bliive time bank

Bliive is a collaborative social network for time exchange – using time as currency for the exchange of services and experiences. Over 45,000 people are currently using the network in 80 countries. Having recently moved to the UK as part of Sirius Programme, the free platform hopes to make London’s inhabitants use their time wisely, in a collaborative way – giving people the chance to learn and teach new things without having to spend money.

Civitas Time Bank

Civitas Foundation for Civil Society started the project "To receive is joy - To give is love" - Setting the Time Bank - a network of voluntary mutual aid financed by the amount of 72,391.80 euros by EEA grants from 2009 to 2014, under the NGOs in Romania, involvement component. The project is in a period of 23 months and has the overall objective of citizens active involvement in community life through voluntary actions in Udvarhely region. They started a website in 2015. Until then 48 community meetings has held to find out people's opinions and suggestions about Time’s Bank System.

Time Bank

A time bank is a system of exchange of services for time. In it the "currency" of exchange is not the usual money, is a measure of time, for example the hour.

Heti Betevő (community food sharing)

The "Heti Betevő" (Weekly Food) is a grassroot initiative. It formed in Budapest 7. district in 2013 to help people who are in need in the neighborhood. Its main purpose is to involve the local community and to sensitize society toward poverty and homelessness. On the lunch homelesses, poors, large families, low-income pensioners are participating from the neighborhood. It is a great help for them giving lunch every week at the same time and place. The ingredients which needed to prepare for Sunday lunch are predominantly sourced via cash donations.