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Smart People

Heti Betevő (community food sharing)

The "Heti Betevő" (Weekly Food) is a grassroot initiative. It formed in Budapest 7. district in 2013 to help people who are in need in the neighborhood. Its main purpose is to involve the local community and to sensitize society toward poverty and homelessness. On the lunch homelesses, poors, large families, low-income pensioners are participating from the neighborhood. It is a great help for them giving lunch every week at the same time and place. The ingredients which needed to prepare for Sunday lunch are predominantly sourced via cash donations.

HospiEdu - hospital teaching program

The HospiEdu initiative helps children to effectively study when in hospital by transforming learning materials into a game. Children receiving long term hospital care face many challenges, such as how they can keep up with their classmates. HospiEdu supports the education of children receiving long term hospital care: we connect them with our student volunteers (under adult supervision) who provide them with tailor-made and gamified e-learning materials via www.e-studygroup.com.