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Smart People

I give you food

The idea of the food boxes is not the idea of the association, it has been present in the country for years, but they would have liked to make this initiative available to local people as well. The boxes are 65x59x39 cm cabinets made of plastic with reinforced metal. The cabinet is made of waterproof and UV-protected material. Each box belongs to a volunteer team. The team visits the box several times a day in hot weather or at least once a day, checking the food in it. Volunteers also clean the boxes daily.

Finding opportunities in declining cities

The overarching theme of this good practice is strategic management in the context of long-term decline and stagnation. After local industries closed, the population of Altena (DE) shrank by 43% between 1975 and 2014. Facing diminishing resources and increasingly complex problems, Altena shifted its strategic objectives to focus on controlling decline rather than growth. The municipality adjusted its priorities, working more closely with citizens.

Community Agriculture

They have studied and gathered informationon  the best practice, Hungarian and foreign, for local food supply chains. Through counselling and building networks, we have helped spread  the best practices for local food supply chains, like community supported agriculture (CSAs) or shoppers communities, to help small local communities, empower small farms, and contribute to rural communities' development.

Casserole Club (community food sharing)

Casserole Club helps people share extra portions of home-cooked food with others in their area who might not always be able to cook for themselves. Like a local, community-led takeaway, members serve up meals to their neighbours, getting more people cooking fresh food while strengthening local neighbourhood relationships. Casserole Club helps those who are not online to order meals and connect with local people.

Civitas Time Bank

Civitas Foundation for Civil Society started the project "To receive is joy - To give is love" - Setting the Time Bank - a network of voluntary mutual aid financed by the amount of 72,391.80 euros by EEA grants from 2009 to 2014, under the NGOs in Romania, involvement component. The project is in a period of 23 months and has the overall objective of citizens active involvement in community life through voluntary actions in Udvarhely region. They started a website in 2015. Until then 48 community meetings has held to find out people's opinions and suggestions about Time’s Bank System.

Taipei e-Campus digital learning network

Taipei e-Campus program brings together a wide range of flexible self-learning channels. There are uploaded homemade lessons, order-made courses, online materials in which more than 700 certificated trainings are. They established a platform within the program through which users can share knowledge and experiences  with one another. The program operates with a high number of employees and users and with a considerable success.

Internet academy

Through this lecture series citizens can acquire basic computer knowledge and can get a glimpse into the world of the internet and learn through online social network sites to maintain contacts with friends and relatives. They will know how to search and gather information on the internet. During the last two training sessions they can get ideas on how to spend their free time usefully to use the internet and how they can save time and money with it.

Cibernàrium program

Among the actions designed by the municipality to encourage lifelong learning, we can highlight the Cibernàrium. Cibernàrium is the training and technology outreach programme of Barcelona Activa ‐ Barcelona City Council. It features over 180 training courses for professionals and businesses, together with internet introduction activities for all citizens.