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Smart People

Urban Data School

The Urban Data School is an initiative to bring data literacy education to primary and secondary schools. The Urban data school worked with schools in Milton Keynes to enable pupils to critically analyse complex Smart City data sets, and to use data literacy skills to investigate critical urban issues. Data literacy – the ability to use data as part of complex reasoning and to accurately critique and interpret data to ask and answer meaningful questions – is an important civic skill that forms the foundation of an innovative knowledge economy.


Melbourne BioBlitz is the City of Melbourne's first major citizen science program, where experts and members of the community work together to discover, document and learn about the species that call their city home. The most recent Melbourne BioBlitz took place over 24 hours on 4 and 5 March 2016. During the BioBlitz 744 members of the public joined 27 activities which included spotting birds at Royal Park, identifying insects at Westgate Park, and searching for plants in the Fitzroy Gardens.

NI Mentor Program

The purpose of the NI Mentor program is to introduce the students, from an early age, to smart and programmable tools which can improve digital literacy through game like methods, and to make them appreciate the natural sciences, and introduce them to the basics of engineering thinking, so later they can choose scientific and engineering careers. We already face challenges need to be solved that would, according to estimations, need 26% more engineers and natural scientists in 2020.

School presence supervision (NFC-based registration system)

Near Field Communication Technology (NFC) enabled attendance supervision trial was arranged at a primary school in Finland during the fall 2008. Total of 23 pupils between ages of 6 and 8 participated in the trial with an emphasis on security. Pupils marked their arrival at and departure from school by touching a smart card reader device or an NFC-enabled mobile phone with a contactless smart card.

Neptun (online educational administration system)

The Neptun Unified Education System supplies the tasks of higher education institutions (universities, high schools) such as academic and financial administration, education and teaching arrangements. The program was developed by SDA Informatics Zrt. and it is a complex education system which is commonly used in higher education and it takes into account the institutions' individual peculiarities. The system is able to manage different educational structures based on their Studies and Exams Code.

Edukey (biometric key)

The biometric key EduKey ensures that only authorized students and teachers can access the learning content. The handy key itself is a small computer. It connects to a computer through a USB port and starts its own operating system. Users can work in their own personal interface with their own customized settings – wherever they are at that time.

Eskuola 2.0 (digital education platform)

The Basque Government's School Programme 2.0 is a radical leap in the introduction of new Information and Communication Technologies in the field of education. The inclusion of the Basque Country to this programme is reflected in the complete digitization of the third primary education cycle, in training teachers to use open‐source software and new methods and in the preparation of multimedia content.