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Smart Living

Mygo - smart cane for the blind

This disability aid, based on the traditional white cane, is equipped with sensors and a PMD-camera which is able to measure the 3rd dimension directly in real time, while communicating with a processor processing data on the environment. The processed information is converted into auditory feedback in a head set worn by the user. In addition, the device has a hub motor in a wheel, constantly providing the user with information about the terrain.

Pill Reminder (medicine dispenser assistant)

Do you take medication, birth control pills or supplements? PillReminder Pro will send you push alerts reminding you to take your pills. Just enter in the name of your pill, dosage, frequency, and what time(s) of day. Then continue with your busy schedule, and PillReminder Pro will alert you when it is time to take your pill(s). Features: Reminds you with PUSH alerts when to take your pills, Great for medication, birth control pills and supplements, Tracks pill names, dosage and frequency, Keeps track of your pills. Reminding yourself to take pills and supplements can be difficult.

De Hogeweyk - dementia village

The Hogeweyk (part of Hogewey care centre. A weyk or wijk being a group of houses, similar to a village) is a specially designed village with 23 houses for 152 dementia-suffering seniors. The elderly all need nursing home facilities and live in houses differentiated by lifestyle. Hogeweyk offers 7 different lifestyles: Goois (upper class), homey, Christian, artisan, Indonesian and cultural. The residents manage their own households together with a constant team of staff members. Washing, cooking and so on is done every day in all of the houses.

First-aid (mobile application)

The application is an easy to use first aid curriculum and in case of emergency provides quick available information until the ambulance arrives. In known situations helps with guide. The diagnostic menu helps to pinpoint the possible cause of problem and introduces resuscitation step by step. Its search engine allows you to find the nearest hospital or defibrillator and its built in emergency call gives a signal to Rescue Centre.

WEB Patient (webpage and mobile application)

The application established on the basis of the well-known WEBBeteg webpage. Users can access their health promotion and disease-related articles. With the help of Symptom Checker you can search for the possible cause of a problems. With entering data you can calculate your individual health status indicators. Defibrillator and pharmacy search engine assists the users in an emergency situation so they can get help as soon as possible. The classic 'Doctor responds' box is also available through the app where users may ask from more than 40 specialist doctors.

GlucoTel (smart blood glucose measurement)

GlucoTel is a diabetes management system.  With that, blood sugar levels can be monitored and recorded in an individual online diary. The application from the partner BodyTel automatically broadcasts test readings wirelessly per Bluetooth to a monitoring station – for example, a patient’s own cell phone – and from there to a secure online database. In the event of deviations from the set values, a caregiver will be immediately informed.

Mobile patient visit

Patients regularly transmit their vital details such as blood pressure, heart rate and body weight to the hospital via their TV. The data is sent wirelessly via a secure network to the hospital where it is automatically analyzed by a computer. If the data gives cause for concern, the system immediately contacts the medical staff. Patients require a set-top box for the TV, broadband access, a digital set of scales and a blood pressure monitor for the operation of the monitoring system.