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Smart Living

Responsive street furnitures

Created in partnership with landscaping manufacturer Marshalls, Responsive Street Furniture uses digital technology to make streets work better for people who find moving around difficult for all kinds of reasons. It brings the adaptability of digital devices like iPads to the fabric of the city, allowing it to change to best suit the needs of the individuals who are using it. These changes include brighter street lighting, audio information, extra places to sit and more time to cross the road.

Strøget - The Predestrian Street

"Strøget" - The Pedestrian Street: When the volume of traffic increased in the beginning of the 60s - in the inner part of the old narrow streets - and the expanding shopping areas around central Copenhagen - as well as the sidewalks streets became more and more crowded with busy pedestrians - who was bumping into each other and blocking the way on the narrow pavements - Copenhagen’s City Council decided in 1962 - to establish a car free pedestrian zone from the westerly Town Hall Square to Kongens Nytorv (The Kings New Square) in the eastern part of the town called “Strøget” - which also i

Spiga Smart Street

The pilot project, in anticipation of Expo 2015, has the intention of making the City of Milan decidedly smarter through elements like a brand new LED lighting system and free ultrafast Wi-Fi. The energy saving lighting system will give the street a completely new look – and name – Spiga Smart Street.  Other innovative services for both citizens and visitors include a multimedia touch screen dedicated to communication and travel information, sustainable mobility with stations for charging electric cars and bikes as well as SOS and video surveillance system for security.

Sant Cugat Smart Street

The City Hall delimited a sustainable high-tech zone (smart street) where to implement a series of innovative measures. The result of the job done, together with ten Catalan ICT companies, was the implementation of a guided vehicle parking, an intelligent garbage refuse collection point, a street lighting sensitive to presence, an irrigation system dependent of the humidity levels and a pedestrian crossing equipped with lighted sensors, among others.


PetaJakarta.org is a research project led by the SMART Infrastructure Facility, in collaboration with the Jakarta Emergency Management Agency (BPBD DKI Jakarta) and Twitter Inc. The Joint Pilot Study for the project was operationally active from December 2014 to March 2015, and PetaJakarta 2.0 launched in December 2015. During this time, the project enabled Jakarta’s citizens to report the locations of flood events using social media network Twitter, thereby contributing to a publicly-accessible real-time map of flood conditions at PetaJakarta.org.


Wheelmap is a map for finding wheelchair accessible places. The map works similiar to Wikipedia: anyone can contribute and mark public places around the world according to their wheelchair accessibility. The criteria for marking places is based on a simple traffic light system: Green = Fully wheelchair accessible, Yellow = Partly wheelchair accessible, Red = Not wheelchair accessible, Grey=Unknown. Places that are not yet marked according to their wheelchair accessibility have a grey marker. They can be marked by anybody quickly and easily.

Fall Safety App (fall signal application)

Fall Safety App for Pros alerts people in case of a fall on the job. In the event of a fall the Fall Safety App alerts your emergency contacts and tells them your location. Monitoring: The Fall Safety App monitors your phone for sudden movements that indicate a fall while running in the background. The app also monitors whether or not your phone is connected to the internet. Alarms: Two different sounds are used as alarms. The first sound is a warning sound. It lets you know you have 30 seconds before the fall alarm sounds.

Accident Alert (fall signal application)

Accident Alert can detect advanced free falls. With the built-in accelerometer and with powerful and scientific algorithms, this tool can make differences between false falls and real free falls. Accident Alert uses the built-in gps service of the iphone to localize your position in case the application detected a free fall. When a free fall is detected, an email is sent to the people you entered. You can choose between email or sms. You can choose different sound alarms.

Telephone for deaf and hearing impaired

Helping the hearing impaired make phone calls: T-City improved the communications possibilities for deaf or hearing-impaired people in public areas with Telephony for the Hearing Impaired. The partners of this project are TeSS, the sign language interpreting service, and the “Deutsche Gesellschaft der Hörgeschädigten-Selbsthilfe und Fachverbände” (German Society for the Hearing Impaired). The terminals have an integrated screen, a special camera as well as access to TeSS.

BlindSquare (navigation for the blind and visually impaired people)

BlindSquare is the World’s Most Popular accessible GPS-app developed for the blind and visually impaired. It describes the environment, announces points of interest and street intersections as you travel. In conjunction with free, third-party navigation apps it is a powerful solution providing most of the information blind and visually impaired people need to travel independently. Your safety is our highest priority. BlindSquare is self-voicing, announcing points of interest, intersections and user-defined points through a dedicated speech synthesizer.