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Smart Living

Digital City Card

In the future a digital city card may be the key to all Helsinki services. Visits to the swimming pool, bus journeys, library loans and appointments at the health care centre would all be managed with a single card. In the past yeast, Forum Virium Helsinki has run pilots to test how HRT travel card could work as a digital city card. Pilots have been run with several libraries, among others. HRT travel card is in the pocket of every Helsinki resident. This is why it has been a perfect starting point to start piloting the city card.

Patient Portal

At Marin General Hospital every patient have an easy access to their health information. That’s why they’ve partnered with RelayHealth to provide an online Patient Portal. The portal holds information such as your visit and procedure history, lab and radiology results, and allergies - all in one secure place.

ELGA - Electronic health record in Austria

The ELGA Act 2013 provides the specific legal basis for processing health data by means of an electronic health record and reenacts the health telematics Act (Gesundheitstelematikgesetz) 2005. It contains rules for the provision of ELGA’s central and decentral components (i.e. the so called affinity domains) and for the procession on of health data by the health service providers as well as technical and organizational norms such as time lines for the duty to use ELGA for different groups of health care providers and specified classes of ELGA data.

Bathroom Scout (public toilets search)

Need to find a restroom really quick? Install “Bathroom Scout” today and never be short of a restroom close to you! The database contains over 700.000 toilets worldwide and is maintained by an active user base.  The app displays those restrooms near to you on a map and let’s you make your choice. Of course you can leave comments for facilities you visited or add new ones!

Sant Cugat Smart Street

The City Hall delimited a sustainable high-tech zone (smart street) where to implement a series of innovative measures. The result of the job done, together with ten Catalan ICT companies, was the implementation of a guided vehicle parking, an intelligent garbage refuse collection point, a street lighting sensitive to presence, an irrigation system dependent of the humidity levels and a pedestrian crossing equipped with lighted sensors, among others.

Toilet Finder (public toilets search)

The application “Where are the toilets?” is participative: everyone can signal the presence of new toilets or the disappearance of old ones. Whatever the town or country, the application has the addresses of more than 70 000 public toilets and therefore represents the largest toilet database in the world! The application also has a fun aspect. It allows users to share photos of the most unusual toilets encountered during their travels. The application is available on iOS and Android.

Longyan Smart Hospital: Secure, Efficient and Green

Aiming to be the model hospital in Fujian province, Longyan People Hospital plans to build a "digital hospital" in its new building, providing mobile ward rounds, desktop cloud, and Hospital Information System (HIS) cloud, as well as service level disaster recovery with the old building · Need to migrate the existing applications, such as HIS, Laboratory Information System (LIS), Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), and resident health system, to the new building to achieve desktop cloud · Deploy two data centers: production data center in the new building and disaster recover

Huawei - Smart Hospital

Huawei Smart Hospital Solution covers everything from the digital systems of hospital management and clinical information to the infrastructure construction of wired and wireless networks and data centers. For different application scenarios, Smart Hospital provides a hospital cloud and IT-based platform for telemedicine, desktop cloud, unified communications, office collaboration, video surveillance, primary care information (PCI), and mobile hospital services.