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Smart Living

Connecthings (location-based information service)

Connecthings meets the challenge of giving cities the digital tool to support people’s mobility and cultural experience in offering real time information and contextual services in the areas of transport, cultural and touristic heritage and day-to-day life, through the implementation of contactless tags readable by any Smartphone (NFC & QR codes) Connecthings provides contactless mobile services through the implementation of tags (NFC/QR codes) on street furniture and public spaces, finally bridging physical and virtual worlds.

Bathroom Scout (public toilets search)

Need to find a restroom really quick? Install “Bathroom Scout” today and never be short of a restroom close to you! The database contains over 700.000 toilets worldwide and is maintained by an active user base.  The app displays those restrooms near to you on a map and let’s you make your choice. Of course you can leave comments for facilities you visited or add new ones!

Spiga Smart Street

The pilot project, in anticipation of Expo 2015, has the intention of making the City of Milan decidedly smarter through elements like a brand new LED lighting system and free ultrafast Wi-Fi. The energy saving lighting system will give the street a completely new look – and name – Spiga Smart Street.  Other innovative services for both citizens and visitors include a multimedia touch screen dedicated to communication and travel information, sustainable mobility with stations for charging electric cars and bikes as well as SOS and video surveillance system for security.

Sant Cugat Smart Street

The City Hall delimited a sustainable high-tech zone (smart street) where to implement a series of innovative measures. The result of the job done, together with ten Catalan ICT companies, was the implementation of a guided vehicle parking, an intelligent garbage refuse collection point, a street lighting sensitive to presence, an irrigation system dependent of the humidity levels and a pedestrian crossing equipped with lighted sensors, among others.

Toilet Finder (public toilets search)

The application “Where are the toilets?” is participative: everyone can signal the presence of new toilets or the disappearance of old ones. Whatever the town or country, the application has the addresses of more than 70 000 public toilets and therefore represents the largest toilet database in the world! The application also has a fun aspect. It allows users to share photos of the most unusual toilets encountered during their travels. The application is available on iOS and Android.

Walk [Your City]

Walking is the most sustainable way to get around a city. It is also the most efficient and equitable way to use city space. Yet today, most major cities are designed far less for those walking than for motorised transport. Digital technologies offer people a way to campaign for city streets built for them, not just cars. In most cities, street signs are aimed at drivers, and often don't show those on foot the quickest way to a destination in a city. Walk [Your City] in the US produces signs that explain how long it will take to walk between popular destinations.


The eLearning Department of MTA SZTAKI started mobile-based software development in 2005. As a result of this activity, a new mobile application family was created with the brand name of GUIDE@HAND. These applications are able to meet a wide variety of demands and trends of the present life. The first such mobile application served for tourist purposes and was granted with several prizes in Hungary and abroad.

QR codes tourist information system

Informing locals and tourists with up-to-date information (in multiple languages) about local sights, institutions, statues with the use of the ever more popular smart devices. The aim of the „City hide-and-seek” game which is based on well placed QR codes, is to convey information on the available and viewable valuable contents at Debrecen’s (culturally) important locations in an interactive manner, specifically designed for a younger generation.