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Smart Economy

Copenhagen Connecting

Copenhagen Connecting is a concept for a digital infrastructure that enables the deployment of smart city solutions in the city. The program creates compatibility across systems by aggregating data from the city's infrastructures like roads, heating, utilities etc. The smart operation of the system enables significant annual cost reduction thanks to efficient operation and continuous monitoring. The program won the 2014 Barcelona World Expo's Smart City Award.

Ljubljana Forum

Ljubljana Forum is an annual gathering that combines knowledge and experience of city governance and defines key areas, visions and strategies of the future development of cities. The aim of Ljubljana Forum is to promote opportunities for future development of cities and metropolitan areas of the South-East European region.

Startup Round Table Debrecen

The Startup Roundtable has been organized in 2015. The Startup Roundtable has a simple goal: change the point of view of the local entrepreneur community. This program is much more than a business talk show and networking event series, as it provides support and an intellectual background for its participants. EDC Debrecen Ltd.

Startupbootcamp – Smart City & Living panel

Startupbootcamp is a global family of accelerators that focus on connecting startups with the most relevant and impactful connections in their industry. Each year Startupbootcamp runs industry-focused programs in more countries than any other accelerator in the world. All programs are located in global innovation hubs where startups spend 3 months meeting the top mentors, investors and partners in their industry from over 30 countries.

Barcelona Activa – development agency

In the city of Barcelona, the creation of new companies is channelled through Barcelona Activa, Bacelona's Local Development Agency. Since its inception in 1986, almost 7,000 companies have been established. The programmes developed and dedicated to entrepreneurship are: Programme "Entrepreneurship with Barcelona Activa is easy". On a daily basis, and through collective briefings, different options and resources are introduced that enable entrepreneurs to set up their businesses. Resource Centre for Entrepreneurs.

“Do It in Barcelona” program

Bacelona City Council programme to attract talent. "Do it in Barcelona" offers personalised plans to implement activities in Barcelona successfully: Emprende: to create or develop a business. Trabaja: to explore professional career opportunities in Barcelona. Investiga: to develop research activities in Barcelona. Estudia: to take master or postgraduate studies in Barcelona. Instálate: support to settle in the city and look for accommodation and schools.

Bilbao Ekintza – development agency

In the city of Bilbao, support for entrepreneurs is channelled through the Local Development Agency. Some initiatives developed are: Day of the Entrepreneur. A yearly event of an informative, fun and social nature that recognises and rewards the work of entrepreneurs in Bilbao.  Learning become an entrepreneur. Programme aimed at schools in Bilbao to encourage entrepreneurship among younger people. This project proposes to find an idea and develop a business plan. A "Learning to become an Entrepreneur Idea Contest" is held every year. Explot Esperientzia.

Helsinki Loves Developers

The benefits of open data cannot be realised unless the data is put into use. Cities of Helsinki Metropolitan Area provide an increasing amount of public data as open data. These cities are also engaging in open dialogue with the community in order to harness the potential of open data. Helsinki Loves Developers, Hel<3Dev, is one great concept to enhance open dialogue and developer cooperation. The idea of Hel<3Dev is to provide an open platform and meetups for discussion and co-creation.

Startup Eindhoven

STARTUP/Eindhoven is the business incubator of the TU/e. We aim to give starting entrepreneurs a soft landing in the market by providing everything you need to start and grow a business. On top of basic facilities such as a with good coffee and a printer, we have access to a large network of friends (business partners), seasoned coaches and the extensive knowledge base of the TU/e. Based on this network, we are able to offer training and coaching tailored to your specific needs, access to the markets you are targeting, and access to funding to accelerate your growth.