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Smart Economy

SmartBay Ireland (marine innovation research center)

SmartBay Ireland manages the national marine test facility for the development of innovative products and services for the global maritime sector. This includes the trial and validation of novel marine sensors, prototype equipment and the collection and dissemination of marine data to national and international users of the facility. The Marine Institute deployed a number of new sensor platforms in thebay to gather and distribute near-r eal- time data about environmental conditions, pollution levels and marine life.

Design Terminal – mentor program

The mentoring program is special even when compared to a broad range of its European counterparts. During the six months spent together, the participating design labels, tech businesses and urban development have ample opportunity to learn from each other, as we are well aware that today’s most successful products are most often born from collaborative efforts across these three fields.

Aquincum Incubation

Aquincum Incubator is one of the leading startup development centers in Hungary. The incubator was founded by Hungarian and American entrepreneurs, business angels and experts who have launched, managed and successfully exited from a series of startups in Hungary, in Central Europe and in the USA. Our incubator is a unique, structured meeting platform between startups, business angels and competitive business entities.