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Smart Economy

King’s Cross development site - GIS system

The development site is subject to several encumbrances, from rights of way and asset protection provisions that arise from the historic and continued presence of railway infrastructure, to leases and licences. GIS is used to monitor building completion dates and make long-term business decisions, such as when to commence the marketing of newly completed buildings. The tool not only allows the mapping of data, but also influences the process of creating new inputs, linking data with reports and external sources of information and sharing information within project teams.

Model-based building management

Current building management systems are rule-based, meaning that the controls of energy systems are programmed when the building is built. Modifications to the control of energy systems are not feasible since they require manual expert action. By introducing a control system that is based on building and system models it is possible to optimize operation dynamically and change it e.g. every day or every hour.

IBM Building Management Center

Proactive, predictable building portfolio management: Align facilities management with your enterprise mission and business management. Optimize energy use and operations performance across the enterprise. Transform portfolio management and utilize space more effectively. Reduce costs and improve efficiency. Provide an integrated view of facility data for greater management control.

CADBEAM (real time monitoring of construction) 

Members of the UKTI’s Sirius Programme, CADBEAM is a mobile application for construction management that allows clients and contractors to view in real-time what is going on in their construction projects and improve coordination on-site. Thanks to tablets and smartphones, contractors can manage their subcontractors easily and compare their progress with the project schedule to see if they are late or on time.

GE Mobile Enterprise Suite (fieldwork software)

Mobile Enterprise Suite: A universal mobile platform providing rapid application deployment, uniform data access & field automation Utilities continue to focus on field operations as a means to drive reliability, efficiency and improved customer satisfaction for their business. Managing the increasingly complex network of assets requires utilities to reduce cycle times and break down barriers between the office and the field.

Mobile monitoring work of the road and road maintenance authorities

Symology develops and supplies the most advanced range of integrated solutions for the management of infrastructure assets, including highways, land and property, bridges and structures, public lighting, and distribution networks. Our industry vision, user-focused approach and 32 year history of supplying proven solutions enables us to help our clients streamline their business processes and create best value operations.

Smart Work@IJburg (telework center)

The first pilot for this project is Smart Work@IJburg. Every day several kilometers of traffic jams block the entrances and exits to the island. This makes IJburg a very suitable location to get people out of their cars. Amsterdam Smart City is therefore aiming at a Smart Work Center near the homes of the employees that are normally stuck in these traffic jams. ASC wants to make it as easy as possible. No hassle with payments for the employees. This is why a payment system is currently being developed.

TPEX – Smart Airmiles (telepresence service)

TPEX - TelePresence Exchange International: To operate TelePresence Conference Centers (meeting rooms, boardrooms or classrooms ) in Amsterdam and environs, connected to a worldwide network of international conference centers. The aim of TPEX is to create an international network of multiple TelePresence Conferencing Centers worldwide and make them highly accessible for a broad business public.

dDesk (telework service)

With dDesk, users can access their personal work environment from any location. The virtual PC workstation is housed on an external server in a highly secure Deutsche Telekom data center, where data is also stored and maintenance carried out. The user requires a computer with an operation system, Internet access and a USB port. The dDesk Key, which looks like a flash drive, is also required for authentication. With dDesk, T-City is targeting small companies and private users that wish to reduce their PC administration tasks and avoid large investment costs.

TeamViewer (telework software)

The TeamViewer software application allows for remote control, desktop sharing and file transfer between computers. TeamViewer is compatible with multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android. TeamViewer allows a user to access another computer remotely using a web browser. TeamViewer was founded in Uhingen, Germany in 2005. It is designed to work either by installing it on a computer or running a "Quick Support" version that does not require installation.