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Smart Economy

Incheon - Free Economic Zone

Incheon is turning itself into the business hub of Northeast Asia. The city has a well-established transportation network including Incheon International Airport -- which was ranked first in airport service quality by the Airports Council for 10 consecutive years -- Incheon port and the international business complex. Boasting a highly effective business environment, the IFEZ offers almost everything from logistics and medical services to education and cutting-edge industries.

ELUD - Urban logistical efficiency of sustainable food

The aim of this project is to offer a methodology providing a framework for simulating scenarios, as well as a set of indicators and tools for evaluating and analysing the sustainable performance of players involved in the logistics and transport of fresh products in order to estimate the sustainability of new urban food delivery systems, particularly to meet a growing demand for ecoresponsible products and services.

Loop City - Danish developement collaboration

Loop City is a collaboration between 10 municipalities, the Capital Region and the Danish State on urban and business development along the Ring 3 light rail. The collaboration partners are the Capital Region, Ministry of Transport, Danish Business Authority, and 10 municipalities. Loop City is a unique Danish example of collaborative, strategic urban management. Its goal is to realise the significant opportunities for urban and business development that the new Ring 3 infrastructure paves the way for.

Barcelona-Catalonia - Economy boost project

The Government of Catalonia, through Incasòl (the Catalan Land Institute), and Barcelona City Council are committed to fostering the execution of new strategic projects in Catalonia, especially in the Barcelona metropolitan area, as well as developing the most important logistics facilities around the Mediterranean Corridor, which make our territory the gateway to southern and central Europe for incoming and outgoing goods.

Smart City Berlin Network

The Smart City Berlin Network is a working group initiated by Berlin Partner for Business and Technology and TSB (Technology Foundation Berlin) that includes more than 100 companies as well as science and research institutes from Berlin that seek to promote Berlin as a smart city and want to see Berlin ranked among the leading smart cities in Europe.

Industrial IoT

In order to offer an industrial IoT solution, there is a need to “connect the dots” by bringing together these various systems. This requires well-managed data fusion, real-time monitoring, prediction, optimization and control capabilities for industrial companies’ critical assets. Leveraging our game-changing monitoring and control technology, mPrest offers a unique solution to the IoT world.

Smart Kalasatama

Kalasatama Smart City district of Helsinki is an experimental innovation platform to co-create smart urban infrastructure and services. This centrally located old harbour area is developed flexibly and through piloting, in close co-operation with residents, companies, city officials and other stakeholders. The vision of Kalasatama is to become so resource-wise that residents will gain an extra hour of own time every day.

Land Insight (application for supporting real estate development)

Land Insight is a web application that makes it easier to uncover hidden building opportunities by using big data to allow a super-fast initial site assessment on any piece of land. On top of this massive dataset is a crowd sourced insight layer that creates an ever-improving list of opportunities and collaborations not to be found on the open market. The platform is currently being road tested by East London Custom Build Group.

Mapping developed areas (big data analysis and GIS)

Making optimum use of land for new homes and jobs is a key challenge to manage London’s growing population. To this end, this tool has been developed to identify major new opportunities for densification in accessible locations across Greater London. The map-based system will be the first to combine data from several different sources to locate major opportunities at an early stage and prior to any planning being significantly advanced.