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Smart Governance

Data Star Project

The project restructured and reorganized the data assets of the municipality, creating the conditions for their reuse. Through mapping the processes, the content, storing, and quantity of incoming and forwarded or published data sets of the municipality became clear and tangible. This mapping of assets and protocols acts as a standard, regulating access as well as enabling registry and queries through applications of previously decentralized data and information.

Open Data Debrecen

The open data portal of Debrecen set off with publishing four data sets: large resolution digital photos on the city, the time tables of arriving and departing flights from Debrecen, demographic data including age and gender distribution from 2013 and visitor statistics from the local swimming pool's last year. The purpose and method of reusing these data is open for users and businesses, and the city welcomes feedback and ideas about further datasets that could be interesting or important to publish.

Urban Knowledge

Urban-Knowledge is an open platform dedicated to compile an innovative and effective system of methods and techniques for urban expertise through a knowledge platform. The Urban-Knowledge platform wants to strengthen the expertise of the urban professionals and facilitate their learning and development paths by increasing their understanding skills on the applications of existing and innovative urban analysis methods.

City Service

Városszervíz (City Service) is a mobile application where residents can report appropriate urban management errors and problems and the correction process can be followed. The application works in the field connected to the system operators. With City Service the citizens can be esaily involved in city ​​maintenance tasks with a smart phone application. The starting point of the concept is that people like to help and participate in the maintenance work  if you make it them simple, interesting and experience-like.

VanMap (map databases)

VanMap is a Web-based application that lets you view data about Vancouver in map form. The City's GIS (Geographical Information Systems) department gathers information and data from a variety of sources, and constructs detailed map layers for you to view, save, and print out. VanMap is a large part of the City's overall open map strategy, along with Google maps for day-to-day user views. 

Vancouver – Digital Strategy

The Digital Strategy aims to enhance multidirectional digital connections among citizens, employees, business, and government. To keep pace with technology, and minimize risk and maximize value for taxpayers, we: Track our progress using the strategy's digital maturity model. Base our decisions and actions on the strategy's pillars, goals, and objectives.

MOLA GIS (Museum of London Archaeology – GIS)

 MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) has been excavating, studying and documenting the physical remains of London past since the early 1970s. Twenty years ago they started compiling all of their information and results into a single digital framework, to keep track of the multitude of data coming in and to allow patterns of development to be analysed in a way that simply could not be done with analogue systems.