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Smart Governance

Dublin Dashboard

The Dublin Dashboard provides citizens, public sector workers and companies with real-time information, time-series indicator data, and interactive maps about all aspects of the city. It enables users to gain detailed, up to date intelligence about the city that aids everyday decision making and fosters evidence-informed analysis.

Australian National Cities Performance Framework dashboard

Australian cities have long been an important economic and social asset and will be more important than ever in the 21st century. Our cities provide great opportunities for innovation and productivity in the global knowledge-based economy and are recognised as great places to live, work and study. The Australian Government is committed to the continual improvement of our cities.

Milton Keynes Data Hub

The MK Data Hub is award winning technical, data infrastructure of the MK:Smart project, supporting the collection, integration and use of large amounts of data from many diverse resources relevant to city systems. The datasets include local and national open data, data streams from both key infrastructure networks (energy, transport, water) and other relevant sensor networks (e.g. weather and pollution data), data crowdsourced from social media and mobile applications, etc.

WindyGrid -real time city data service

Case in point, the City of Chicago. One person, one laptop, and MongoDB’s technology jumpstarted a project that, with other people joining in, went from prototype to one of the nation’s pioneering projects to analyze and act on municipal data in real time. In just four months. Called WindyGrid, this system is an intelligent operations platform built on MongoDB. What makes WindyGrid exceptional isn’t just that it pulls together seven million different pieces of data from city departments every day.

City Data Exchange in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark, is aggressively moving towards becoming a smart, carbon-neutral city by 2025. To achieve this goal, the city is initiating smart city programs such as smart lighting, sensor-based traffic management, intelligent building management and more. Up to now, data from individual smart city initiatives has been kept in silos. Copenhagen and Hitachi have joined forces to launch an integrated data service to eliminate these silos.

Environmental Parameters monitor in Santander

SMART SANTANDER project, which has been developed by several companies and institutions including Telefonica I+D and University of Cantabria, aims at designing, deploying and validating in Santander and its environment a platform composed of sensors, actuators, cameras and screens to offer useful information to citizens. 750 Waspmotes have been deployed to monitor different parameters such as noise, temperature, luminosity and CO.

Open & Agile Smart Cities

The Open & Agile Smart Cities initiative (OASC) is a city-driven, non-profit organisation. The overall objective is to create a Smart City market. OASC was founded in January 2015 and came to life with the first wave of cities joining in March 2015. OASC continues to grow.

MODA - New York Mayor's Office of Data Analytics

The Mayor's Office of Data Analytics (MODA) is New York City's civic intelligence centre. MODA aggregates and analyses data from across city agencies to more effectively address public safety, and quality of life issues. The office uses analytical tools to prioritise risk more strategically, deliver services more efficiently, enforce laws more effectively and increase transparency. For example, during Hurricane Sandy, which displaced an eighth of NYC's population, the city's response was managed through analytics.

Tel Aviv iView

The municipal geographic information system, iView, makes spatial information available to the public in a large number of spheres: engineering, transportation, community, tourism, education, art, and more.
As a resident of the city, you can view all the geographic information relevant to your neighborhood: preschools, schools, public gardens, pharmacies, community centers, outdoor sculptures, etc.
As an engineer, you can locate blocs, parcels, electricity and water infrastructures, and view a particular zoning plan and its associated documents.

Tel Aviv Open Data

As part of the city's policy to promote the accessibility and transparency of the information provided to the general public, the Municipality allows direct access to municipal databases that are not of a confidential nature. The environment enables the public and app developers to make use of information in municipal databases that deal with community affairs, culture, public health, budgets, statistical data and security. Recently Tel Aviv lunched a new Open Data site, The datasets are available in OpenData TLV, free to read, analyze and download.