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Smart Governance

Vancouver – Digital Strategy

The Digital Strategy aims to enhance multidirectional digital connections among citizens, employees, business, and government. To keep pace with technology, and minimize risk and maximize value for taxpayers, we: Track our progress using the strategy's digital maturity model. Base our decisions and actions on the strategy's pillars, goals, and objectives.

Ügyfélkapu (Hungarian electronic service centre)

Ügyfélkapu (Customer Site) is the Hungarian electronic service centre. Through the website you may submit your official documents. Most of the Hungarian office administration forms can be send in or download electronicly. The customers can request information and have access to various records. You can register personally at the municipalities or you can use your qualified electronic signature for registering.

gov.uk (UK Government website)

GOV.UK is the website for the UK government. It’s the best place to find government services and information. The site is maintained by the Government Digital Service (GDS). You can find: information and services for citizens and businesses; detailed guidance for professionals; information on government and policy. We work closely with every government department to make sure all the information on GOV.UK is accurate and up to date. GOV.UK is also updated based on results from user testing and feedback from members of the public.

Helsinki eServices

The electronic services of different administrative departments can be reached safely by a single login, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service is provided in Finnish, Swedish, and English. A separate description page is provided for each service. The description page contains information about the following matters: who the service is aimed at, conditions of using the service, processing time, department providing the service. You can enter the electronic service from the description page. The link "Go to the e-service" is located at the bottom of the page.

SeeClickFix (non-emergency notification)

SeeClickFix is a communications platform for citizens to report non-emergency issues, and governments to track, manage, and reply--ultimately making communities better through transparency, collaboration, and cooperation. They say all politics is local. While we're not political, we do believe that changes that have a real impact on our daily lives occur at the neighborhood or city level. It's our goal to provide the best tools for residents and governments to communicate for all sizes, populations, and budgets. SeeClickFix could not be done without help.

Commonwealth Connect (non-emergency notification)

Commonwealth Connect, a state-wide program, allows residents to efficiently report and respond to non-emergency issues. The State of Massachusetts just released funding to extend the program to an additional 20 municipalities. The Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) is overseeing the grant. Together citizens and governments have identified and repaired damaged public infrastructure, neighborhood blight and storm damage all over the Commonwealth.

Open311 (open protocol for location-based data service)

A collaborative model and open standard for civic issue tracking. Open311 is meant to facilitate an international effort to build open interoperable systems that allow citizens to more directly interact with their cities. Open311 is a form of technology that provides open channels of communication for issues that concern public space and public services. Primarily, Open311 refers to a standardized protocol for location-based collaborative issue-tracking.

Budget Monitoring

Budget Monitoring is a method that facilitates citizens to screen, assess, and actively participate in the decisions on public policy-making and government expenditure. It offers citizens the power, knowledge, and self-belief to take action for the right to live in better environments. The Center for Budgetmonitoring binds diverse community-led organizations, allowing valuable encounters among them as well as dialogue between citizens, organizations, and the government in mapping out problems and their solutions.