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Smart Governance

Social City Vienna

Social City Vienna is a platform for societal and social innovation. Projects and initiatives are launched and supported in five action areas: matching, community, education, sustainability and communication. The work of Social City Vienna is aimed at launching new projects, improving the networking of existing projects and initiatives and publicising Vienna’s social scene. One of its major objectives is to bring together the city’s stakeholders. In the very first advisory board meeting, the advisory board members addressed the issue of social inclusion, together with Social City Vienna.

Smart Kalasatama

Kalasatama Smart City district of Helsinki is an experimental innovation platform to co-create smart urban infrastructure and services. This centrally located old harbour area is developed flexibly and through piloting, in close co-operation with residents, companies, city officials and other stakeholders. The vision of Kalasatama is to become so resource-wise that residents will gain an extra hour of own time every day.

Amsterdam Free Wifi

Due to the rising amount of day-trippers, the municipality of Amsterdam and bars in the harbour of IJburg wanted to facilitate Free Wifi. The success was enforced by the 4 leg cooperation between municipality, entrepreneurs, Amsterdam Smart City (ASC) and KPN. The initiative of combining fibre as wifi antenna connector has come up from ASC and the municipality. Together with café’s and KPN, the free wifi was set up.

T-City CityPass - Secure Entertainmet Place

The secure entertainment place based on the RFID-enabled card of Intelligent Community Card System. Verification of the data on the card can read off approaching to an NFC-enabled smartphone. The scope of the queried data can be controlled. The entertainment place can gain different information about the card holder then the police or the civil guard by using the card as an access card either to the school or to workplace.

T-City CityPass - Integrated School Information System

Students who joined the system test in the school received a so-called SchoolCard (Sulikártya) which is a plastic ID card with RFID technology. Using the card for entry and exit through the entrance of the school with swivel gates significantly reduces the number of unauthorized entry and significantly increases the safety of the students as well as the school's assets. The system continuously logs the entry and exit in which the users with appropriate privileges such as registered students and parents can query the data at any time even via internet.

T-City Mobile City

For guests visiting the city there is an attractive and comfortable application for all essential tourist information and in the life of the community the updated information can become a driving force for the local citizens. City services provided by the municipality or other institutions has an institutional list with contacts and office opening hours. The application users can report various events, anomalies (potholes, broken street lights, broken pipes, etc.) with their smartphones giving exact loaction, photo and personal contact.

T-City Szolnok

T-City is a multi-annual development and innovation program of Magyar Telekom and Szolnok City. It launched in 2009 with the aim that citizens try out and test the telecommunication and information technologies and content services. The participating residents institutions and local government organizations help with their experience and feedback to improve the services before launch. The main objective of the T-city is to show and exploit ICT opportunities for all aspects of life - health, education, public administration, tourism, culture, transport, economy.