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Smart Governance

Free WiFi on board

In 2016 our company has expanded the vehicle fleet with the procurement of 75 pcs new CNG buses. Now our passengers can use the internet free of charge on the new buses and trams as well. With the WIFI service the passengers can plan their trip easily with the Google Maps interface and join to the Facebook and Instagram profiles of the MVK Zrt, where they can find useful travel informations. The maximum bandwidth is 100 Mbps on each vehicles. The free WIFI service is available after accepting the terms of use.

Debrecen City Wi-Fi

The aim of this program is to service tourists and visitors on higher quality standards, to make common online contents freely accessible like, social media sites, video distributors, skype and other online platforms. The Wi-Fi can be accessed in the pedestrian zone from the „Csonka templom” to the „Emlékkert” city district, in the „Hal köz” mall, the Baltazár Dezső square, in front of the Forum Shopping Centre on the Csapó street and in the Great Forest around Lake Békás.  At least 256 Kbps broadband internet can be accessed per end-points.

Wireless Taipei – Taipei Infinity

Through the "Wireless Taipei ‐ Taipei Infinity" initiative, the Local Government of the city of Taipei has deployed a wireless LAN (WLAN) that covers over 90% of the city's population (2.3 million inhabitants). The service is available free of charge and there are no limits regarding the terms of access and frequency. The initiative has made the City of Taipei into the "City with the world's largest Wi‐Fi" according to JiWire. Citizens, visitors and business travelers can access the internet through their laptops, smartphones and mobile computers using this Wi‐Fi connection.

Amsterdam Free Wifi

Due to the rising amount of day-trippers, the municipality of Amsterdam and bars in the harbour of IJburg wanted to facilitate Free Wifi. The success was enforced by the 4 leg cooperation between municipality, entrepreneurs, Amsterdam Smart City (ASC) and KPN. The initiative of combining fibre as wifi antenna connector has come up from ASC and the municipality. Together with café’s and KPN, the free wifi was set up.


Amsterdam Smart City and KPN are jointly developing new products and services aimed at showing the relevance of Fiber-to-the-home in home and work situations. KPN wishes to collaborate with other stakeholders in the development of services for its customers and for the city of Amsterdam. The coming years the use of Internet will continue to increase and so will the demand for broadband Internet connections. KPN and partner Reggefiber make annual investments in the laying of fibre-optic connections in several districts in Amsterdam, including IJburg.

LinkNYC (smart phone book)

LinkNYC is a new communications network that is replacing New York City pay phones with state-of-the-art kiosks called Links. Each Link is equipped with free services like high-speed Wi-Fi, phone calls, a tablet for web browsing, and device charging for anyone living in or visiting New York City to enjoy. In addition to Link’s features being free to the public, they also come at no cost to taxpayers. Over the next several years, over 7,500 Links will be installed across the five boroughs.

Wind power street lighting

Project Summary: Located near the El Paso International Airport, 16 EddyGT wind turbines line the highway, helping to showcase the city's growing commitment to sustainability. UGE and partner Better Living Technology LLC were involved with the project from the early design stages through installation. The turbines are mounted atop a custom-fabricated steel tower, fabricated by local metal shop Caid Industries and designed by Vicki Scuri, to complement the shape of the turbines and create an effect that instantly makes the turbines stand out on the skyline.

Smart Light - Smart lampposts

The trial is focused on various aspects of smart lampposts in public spaces. The lighting can be adjusted for a range of situations via remote operation or sensors, helping to improve security and save energy. Public lighting as a key application, providing safety, identity and facilitating traffic. It allows effective reduction of a city’s energy use. Public lighting is an existing infrastructure offering opportunities for diverse and innovative public service applications.

Smart Light - Flexible street lighting

Flexible street lighting: As a company providing public services, Alliander sees it as her duty to facilitate the transition to a sustainable, reliable and safe energy supply. One of the elements Alliander focusses on is the sustainable development of public space.Maximalisation of market mechanisms: Alliander offers a 'Open Smart Grid Platform' that makes it possible to monitor and manage all kinds of different objects in public space, through any kind of application or communication infrastructure. Alliander hopes to stimulate the maximalisation of market mechanisms.

Smart street-lighting control system

The control system supports the unused possibilities of street light systems so it synthetizes in one coordinated unit the saving and development elements. In the possibilities of intelligent control system each element may operate individually or grouped form. The system is feasible for optimal cost-effective operation. Significant savings can be made on the minor roads at night by partial lighting operation or with brightness control. Depending on the system abilities immediate 25-30 percent savings can be ensured while the residents' comfort level is not reduced.