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Smart Governance


ZenCity is a platform for understanding people in the city on a wide scale. With the use of advanced AI algorithms, the company collects and analyzes hundreds of thousands of interactions from social media, city hotlines, and many other sources to provide stakeholders with detailed insights about how citizens view and use the city in real time.

National Cadastre of Locally Protected Buildings

The National Cadastre of Locally Protected Buildings is part of the Lechner Knowledge Center's "3D-based Data Infrastructure" project, funded by the European Union. The cadastre contains most of the locally protected man-made buildings. The interactive map application covers the entire area of Hungary and it can be used to locate these protected objects based on settlement, address, and parcel number. The map helps the users to get to know the values of their local environment, such as a residential buildings, sculptures and street furnitures.

Tel Aviv iView

The municipal geographic information system, iView, makes spatial information available to the public in a large number of spheres: engineering, transportation, community, tourism, education, art, and more.
As a resident of the city, you can view all the geographic information relevant to your neighborhood: preschools, schools, public gardens, pharmacies, community centers, outdoor sculptures, etc.
As an engineer, you can locate blocs, parcels, electricity and water infrastructures, and view a particular zoning plan and its associated documents.

Tel Aviv Open Data

As part of the city's policy to promote the accessibility and transparency of the information provided to the general public, the Municipality allows direct access to municipal databases that are not of a confidential nature. The environment enables the public and app developers to make use of information in municipal databases that deal with community affairs, culture, public health, budgets, statistical data and security. Recently Tel Aviv lunched a new Open Data site, The datasets are available in OpenData TLV, free to read, analyze and download.

Open Government in Vienna

The City of Vienna has committed itself to the concept of Open Government Data – an open and transparent system that makes city data available to the public for their further use. The city administration has thus decided to its open data records to the population, businesses and the scientific community. Relevant data range from statistics and geographic data or traffic and transport to economic figures. Personal data are strictly excluded from the Open Data concept. The main prerequisite for data to be included is their machine readability in open formats.


DECODE is an experimental project to develop practical alternatives to how we use the internet today - four European pilots will show the wider social value that comes with individuals being given the power to take control of their personal data and given the means to share their data differently.
DECODE will explore how to build a data-centric digital economy where data that is generated and gathered by citizens, the Internet of Things (IoT), and sensor networks is available for broader communal use, with appropriate privacy protections.

Amsterdam Open Data Program

Data.amsterdam.nl aims at strengthen the economy of the Amsterdam metropolitan area by unlocking available (public) data sources to citizens and businesses. By using this data, citizens, businesses, research institutions and other parties, are enabled to develop services that previously wouldn’t be possible or too expensive.

US City Open Data Census

The US City Open Data Census is an ongoing, crowdsourced measure of the current state of access to a selected group of datasets in municipalities across the United States. Any community member can contribute an assessment of these datasets in their municipality at any time. Census content will be peer-reviewed periodically by a volunteer team of Census librarians coordinated by the Sunlight Foundation. The US City Open Data Census does not aim to create a comprehensive list of open datasets around the United States, nor does it aim to define what datasets are the most important to open.

Copenhagen Data

Copenhagen Data is Copenhagen's public open data platform, a source of city-related data that might be interesting for locals and visitors. Similar data collecting institutions can be the foundation of emerging new markets in urban economies.

Madame Mayor I have an idea

To build a fair, progressive and sustainable city, knowledge of the local community is one of the greatest resources and the most important means of exchanging and discussing thoughts. This requires the city's tools to help city dwellers easily contribute to larger and smaller projects. The aim of the "Madame Mayor, I Have an Idea" digital platform is to encourage the widest possible and open participation.