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Smart Environment

Building to Grid

In the context of so-called smart grids, buildings are expected to integrate in a cooperative manner and to expose their currently unused flexibility of operations (shiftable loads, load shedding, duty-cycling, etc.), supported by building automation and information technology. Building optimization and grid optimization, typically decoupled in existing solutions, shall be harmonized.

Aptean Verdiem Surveyor (computer network energy management)

Verdiem Surveyor from Aptean helps accurately measure PC and Mac energy consumption, enforce policies for greater energy efficiency, and optimize savings.  Verdiem Surveyor delivers the most accurate data on IT device utilization. The patented solution combines keyboard, mouse, CPU, print network and disk activity to build a highly accurate model of device utilization that is the only independently verified and validated solution.

Optimal Energy Management System

The Optimal Energy Management System is a high standard universal energy monitoring system which aims the energy process overviews for increasing energy efficiency, exploring saving potentials thereby it is possible reducing the cost in multi-stage continuously. The Hungarian Telecom expert team prepares proposals based on the analysis of measured data and on-site surveys (e.g. energy contracts overview, industry benchmark data comparison) which are available at the institutional level to reduce costs through optimization of energy consumption.

EnerXi energy management

EnerXi is designed to control and manage buildings from an on cloud web environment in which different users could know all the real-time energy information: heating, cooling, electricity, hot water... (taken from counters, thermostats, valves, boiler room) may interact with it, verify the impact of the Energy Saving Measures taken, and even determine the economic impact of the consumption patterns in the building.

IBM TRIRIGA Energy Optimization

IBM TRIRIGA provides a single, role-based view of the data, allowing you to visualize energy, environmental and portfolio performance metrics benefits. It can help: Guide energy usage and reduce costs. Achieve efficiency and environmental responsibility. Increase building management effectiveness and productivity. Improve energy efficiency and increase occupant satisfaction. Centralize real-time events for consolidation, correlation and to initiate actions based on analytical rules applied to energy and operational data.

SICAM Microgrid Manager

Microgrids are an especially interesting alternative wherever a stand-alone grid is feasible or even necessary for reasons of geography, infrastructure, or security of supply. In addition to islands and villages in remote regions, other possibilities include large universities, governmental organizations, industrial complexes, shopping centers, and independent grids of local utilities.

Lyon Smart Community

The project is based on four separate parts: the first being the construction of Hikari, a block of energy positive housing and office buildings. Secondly, there will be a deployment of a shared group of electric vehicles to be fueled primarily by energy produced from photovoltaic panels installed on the tops of certain buildings. Thirdly, the distribution of ConsoTab, a tablet allowing for the viewing of residential energy consumption, and finally the implementation of this monitoring tool which tracks energy production and consumption for the entire La Confluence neighborhood.

Hiukkavaara, The Arctic Smart City

The new Hiukkavaara district is a model for sustainable, arctic building and living. By the year 2035 Hiukkavaara will be a modern urban district with 20,000 people, 10,000 housing units, 1,800 workplaces and smart services for 40,000 consumers.
Hiukkavaara serves as a Living Lab for energy efficient living concepts and solutions. The district offers premises for research, development, testing and launching of new products and services. Hiukkavaara is designed to be human-sized.

Songdo International Business District

New smart city or "ubiquitous city" built from scratch on 600 hectares of reclaimed land along Incheon's waterfront, 65 kilometres southwest of Seoul Embodies two avant-garde concepts: (1) the Aerotropolis, and (2) the Ubiquitous City (U-City). The largest private real estate development in the world’s history Songdo’s urban model bears several distinct features: its ubiquitous computing allows it to micro-manage numerous aspects of the city such as energy consumption and traffic; and the city can "interact" with citizens at the individual level.