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Smart Environment

Sensoneo - Smart Waste Management

Sensoneo provides smart enterprise-grade waste management solutions for cities and businesses to cost-efficiently manage the waste lifecycle and improve the environment and well-being of people. The solution includes: sensors, management system, route planning, analytics. Sensoneo company was found in 2014 as a spin-off of a reputable IT company providing senior management of complex IT projects, programs and integrations.

Swedish recycling endeavors

In Sweden more than 99 per cent of all household waste is recycled in one way or another. This means that the country has gone through something of a recycling revolution in the last decades, considering that only 38 per cent of household waste was recycled in 1975.
Today, recycling stations are as a rule no more than 300 metres from any residential area. Most Swedes separate all recyclable waste in their homes and deposit it in special containers in their block of flats or drop it off at a recycling station. Few other nations deposit less in rubbish dumps.

Kamikatsu zero waste 2020

The residents of Kamikatsu, a town of 1,700, sort their trash into 34 different categories. It may seem like an overkill, but the small Japanese town, with a population of just over 1,700, is on a mission to become the country’s first ‘zero-waste’ community by 2020. And, they’re almost there. Kamikatsu already recycles about 80 percent of its trash, with the last 20 percent going into a landfill. That progress is 12 years in the making.

Electric Garbage Truck

The serial production of a new, electric garbage truck based on an invention created at the University of Debrecen is ready to start. This unique electric garbage truck operates with an electric motor, and it is capable of covering 150 km with a single charging of its batteries, which corresponds to the daily waste collection route of a garbage truck. After the successful trial operations, the serial production of the new waste collecting trucks can also be started.

Cargohopper (environmentally friendly urban goods transport)

Driving on green power, Cargohopper is designed for the delivery of packages and is able to do the work of 5 to 8 regular vans. It can do that because Cargohopper is a more than a nice looking little train, it is a complete logistics system. The three containers, are in fact separate boxes that can be put on and off the undercarriages by means of a forklift. 8 of those boxes fit on a European sized trailer of 13.60 meters.

CELSIUS (international district heating and cooling platform)

CELSIUS presents best practice solutions in the area of smart district heating and cooling by taking a holistic approach to overcome technical, social, political, administrative, legal and economic barriers. The project brings together excellence and expertise from five European cities with complementary energy baseline positions: Cologne, Genoa, London, Gothenburg and Rotterdam. The consortium includes technical expertise form leading energy utilities organization as well as international renowned research and innovation organisations.

Ship to grid

The project ship to grid tries to provide a solution for an increasing amount of pollution emitted by boats during lay times. In the past, ship owners could not turn off engines during lay times since no other energy supply was available. The ship to grid concept offers ship owner access to the electrical system of Cologne. This would allow ship owners to turn off engines during rest times and, as a consequence, lower the amount of emitted CO², particular matters and other pollutants.

Hanham Hall Hub (sustainable smart residential area)

Hanham Hall is the first site to be delivered under the government’s Carbon Challenge initiative and delivers 185 innovative new homes with integrated sustainable living and environmental considerations. The specially commissioned post-occupancy website enables a direct line of communication between residents and the housing management company, as well as within the community itself.