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Smart Mobility

Travel CO2 Calculator

The Travel CO2 Calculator aims to promote climate-friendly travelling modes in Lithuania. It is a web-based tool, integrated into a popular Lithuanian route planner at www.maps.lt/CO2. Whenever a site-visitor is planning a trip, the calculator provides information on travel carbon footprint for the most popular transport modes and highlights sustainable options. Passenger transport is responsible for a significant share of CO2 emissions, which, however, can be highly reduced through our individual choices.

FACTUM - Rewarding urban transport decisions

The idea addresses personal multi-modal mobility and proposes a system of credits to act, at a certain extent, on personal mobility and, thus, to control urban traffic. In our idea, credits could be earned by people when using a specific bus, an extra-urban parking, as an award for off-loading a congested route, or for sending instantaneous traffic information. On the other hand, credits could be spent as discounts on the transport facilities, or to purchase the possibility to enter a restricted traffic area.

HopOn (NFC-based ticketing system for smart phones)

HopOn was established in Israel in 2012 and has developed a unique, low cost solution that can be integrated with public transport operators fast and easily. Our system is secured, simple to use with a one button click solution. Using the ultrasonic HopOn Beacon, our patent pending innovative system offers the operator and the passenger the best experience in public transport ticketing. The HopOn system is already in use with more than 7 public transport operators in Israel installed on a total of more than 2,000 vehicles, including buses, BRT, LRT and bike rental stations.

Open Mobile Ticketing Alliance (NFC-based ticket system development) 

The aim of the Open Mobile Ticketing Alliance is to enable the vision of ‘Register once, travel anywhere’ by developing open, interoperable standards with payment vendors and transit operators.The overall objective of the OMTA is to define and promote an open, standards-based solution for mobile ticketing, based on an alternative and open mobile ticketing solution. The Open Mobile Ticketing Alliance builds on top of open payment systems, replacing cards with a mobile device. This device (usually a mobile phone) is used as an identifier to gain access to the public transport system.

SMILE (transport information and ticket purchasing system)

The SMILE Project will develop and test a prototype of what will be - from the user perspective - a pioneering integrated, multi-modal information, booking and payment system, linking individual e-mobility services with those of public transport; characterized by uniform usability and with a consistent guidance system - virtual and on-site. Standardized interfaces will allow and facilitate other mobility provider access to the system.

eMorail (traveling between city and agglomeration)

You are provided with a comprehensive mobility service, which includes the following: any required public means of transport & one electric car for the ride from your home to the train station. You also have the electric car at your disposal on the weekend and in your spare-time. You pay an all-inclusive mobility fee per month, which comprises the train ticket, the use of the electric car, and any further services. You make a considerable contribution to climate protection, without this being associated with additional costs.

Traffic Information Platform (Real-time data collection and sharing)

A number of Forum Virium Helsinki’s projects, such as the development of a traffic information platform have led to successful commercial deployments following extensive trials, whereas others aim to implement the strategic goal of Finland towards open data such as the Helsinki Region Infoshare project. The traffic information platform, for example, captures real-time data and informs citizens about traffic congestion, roadworks, accidents or elks spotted on the motorway.