Toilet Finder (public toilets search)

The application “Where are the toilets?” is participative: everyone can signal the presence of new toilets or the disappearance of old ones. Whatever the town or country, the application has the addresses of more than 70 000 public toilets and therefore represents the largest toilet database in the world! The application also has a fun aspect. It allows users to share photos of the most unusual toilets encountered during their travels. The application is available on iOS and Android.

Urban Farming and Gardening

The city of Vienna supports neighborhood and community gardens under the motto “gardening together” and thus creates a framework that facilitates access to nature for residents of the city. The citizens of Vienna are increasingly taking up their garden implements and creating little gems of communal, self-determined urban cultivation. Under the banners of “urban farming” and “urban gardening” a framework is being created that promotes closeness to nature within the city and self-initiatives.

Wien Gestalten

Be it volunteering projects for children and teens, designing community gardens, parks, roads or squares, the development of boroughs, or even “private” district initiative projects by “Lokale Agenda 21” or urban renewal and neighbourhood management – in total, over 300 projects and dozens of events every month are included in Vienna’s Volunteering Database and constantly updated. To simplify the process, current volunteering events in Vienna are also communicated via facebook and twitter.

Madame Mayor I have an idea

To build a fair, progressive and sustainable city, knowledge of the local community is one of the greatest resources and the most important means of exchanging and discussing thoughts. This requires the city's tools to help city dwellers easily contribute to larger and smaller projects. The aim of the "Madame Mayor, I Have an Idea" digital platform is to encourage the widest possible and open participation.


Nesta is an innovation charity with a mission to help people and organisations bring great ideas to life. They are dedicated to supporting ideas that can help improve all our lives, with activities ranging from early stage investment to in-depth research and practical programmes. They rely on the strength of the partnerships they form with others to make change happen.


Melbourne BioBlitz is the City of Melbourne's first major citizen science program, where experts and members of the community work together to discover, document and learn about the species that call their city home. The most recent Melbourne BioBlitz took place over 24 hours on 4 and 5 March 2016. During the BioBlitz 744 members of the public joined 27 activities which included spotting birds at Royal Park, identifying insects at Westgate Park, and searching for plants in the Fitzroy Gardens.

Block by Block

In developing countries, citizen engagement in the rapid growth and development that many cities are experiencing is not a priority. Even when city governments want to engage citizens, finding methods that effectively do this are often quite challenging. With “Block by Block”, United Nations Human Settlements Programme, and Mojang, makers of popular online game Minecraft, are exploring how the game could be used to find out how people want to see their cities develop in the future. Using the game, residents can build simple 3D models of their community.


The Seniortab is a device, which helps seniors to easily access the online world. Like everyone else, they should be able to communicate, inform themselves and entertain themselves on the internet. About 800 000 persons above 65 are not yet online in Austria, and for those who are, it is getting harder and harder. Therefor a user-friendly and application was developed and rounded out with an intuitive interface. The application is specifically designed for elderly people: it is easy to handle and you can shut down the app with just one click.