Interactive climbing

 It is powered by a solar panel that is attached to the backpack. Thanks to the GPS map application APE@MAP by Onyx Technologie OG, one can upload hiking maps with more than 30,000 suggestions of routes to one’s cell phone. In addition to measuring time, speed and altitude, the application offers the possibility to record and modify routes using the cell phone. Additionally, outdoor sports enthusiasts can mark where they found something particularly interesting on the route. The system is available for cell phones with the Android operating system.

Personalized museum tour (research project)

This research will give insight in the individual visitor journeys and preferences, so museums can optimally adapt its (digital) experience to their visitor needs. Each year, we see museums investing more in visitor engagement. A significant part of these investments are directed towards mobile interpretation, a powerful tool to reach audiences and connect with them. But what do we really know about visitor behavior and how our stories affect them? After the reopening in 2012 and more than a million visitors since, it is time to take this further.

Living history in Montreal

Wander the street of Old Montreal and discover the history of your city though Montreal en Histoire’s new free mobile app that will bring you through the techno-historic circuits of Montreal. Pre-download the application and embark on the Montreal en Histoires adventure as soon as you arrive in Old-Montreal. Explore the past through fifty points of interest and a dozen augmented realities. This fun, entertaining and surprising experience will teach you about important individuals and places that have forged Montreal.

Foyles bookstore application

A key element of the ‘bookshop for the future’ vision Foyles adopted for its new store on Charing Cross Road, Ariadne is the UK’s first ‘bricks and mortar’ digital book search. The Ariadne landing page appears when a smartphone connects to the store’s Wi-Fi network, and allows customers to search for title or author. Real-time search results not only tell the customer whether a book is in the store but will point them right to it – by way of a Google-style map of the seven-storey flagship with the route plotted on it.

Shop Small (promoting local shops)

American Express and New York-based design agency Hush teamed-up to create an interactive installation allowing shoppers to discover small local businesses. “Shop Small” consists in a large digital touchscreen on which users can browse “virtual storefronts” and discover items they could buy in nearby shops. This lets shoppers curate a wishlist featuring details about stores’ location and opening hours. This information can then be sent via SMS or directly printed on-site. A prototype of “Shop Small” was recently experimented in downtown Seattle.

Patient Portal

At Marin General Hospital every patient have an easy access to their health information. That’s why they’ve partnered with RelayHealth to provide an online Patient Portal. The portal holds information such as your visit and procedure history, lab and radiology results, and allergies - all in one secure place.

ELGA - Electronic health record in Austria

The ELGA Act 2013 provides the specific legal basis for processing health data by means of an electronic health record and reenacts the health telematics Act (Gesundheitstelematikgesetz) 2005. It contains rules for the provision of ELGA’s central and decentral components (i.e. the so called affinity domains) and for the procession on of health data by the health service providers as well as technical and organizational norms such as time lines for the duty to use ELGA for different groups of health care providers and specified classes of ELGA data.

Regent Street App (shopping street application)

If you are shopping on Regent Street and want to find out all there is to know about the Mile of Style, it's time to download the Regent Street App. Regent Street has become the first purpose built shopping street in Europe to pioneer this innovative mobile app, which delivers exclusive personalised content whilst you shop. The exciting app, which is available to download from the App Store and Google Play now, uses unique beacon technology which allows you to receive alerts from the stores you love via their Bluetooth connection.

Walkonomics (green pedestrian navigation)

At Walkonomics we believe the future will be Walkable. Over half the world's population currently live in cities and by 2050 this will rise to 70%. These densely populated mega-cities will have to be walkable just to function. Walkable cities and neighbourhoods also create many other benefits including reducing obesity and improving health, boosting the economy and reducing carbon emissions. Walkonomics exists to make this walkable future a reality. We are doing this by creating technology, tools and communities that make cities, neighbourhoods and streets where people want to walk.

Connecthings (location-based information service)

Connecthings meets the challenge of giving cities the digital tool to support people’s mobility and cultural experience in offering real time information and contextual services in the areas of transport, cultural and touristic heritage and day-to-day life, through the implementation of contactless tags readable by any Smartphone (NFC & QR codes) Connecthings provides contactless mobile services through the implementation of tags (NFC/QR codes) on street furniture and public spaces, finally bridging physical and virtual worlds.