MINERVA Geographic Information System

MINERVA Geographic Information System

The Minerva GIS platform was developed to speed up municipal processes and planning and construction management, to support municipal property management, to provide quick and efficient data and to support well grounded decision making. The system is based upon AutoCAD platform and web services using the leading technologies available, enabling its integration into e-government platforms besides supporting the above processes. Minerva GIS contains map-based, visual and text formats. It supports creating any kind of database connected to mandatory or optional tasks of municipalities, and with proper maintenance it provides up to date information to users. It can identify and locate illegal waste dumping sites with the help of ortophoto and land registry maps. Minerva GIS can unite dataabses maintained in different municipal departments, including registries of active businesses, prevention zones, social institutions, nature protection, electoral districts, voting zones etc. 


CompArt Studio Ltd., municipalities