Smart Urban Logistic in Austria

Smart Urban Logistic in Austria

The aim of the “Smart Urban Logistics” initiative is to build up an Austrian networking platform to boost and promote intelligent solutions in the field of urban logistics. The intention is to make stakeholders aware of the topic, to create acceptance for innovative technologies, to initiate a communication process, to support further discussions and to be the incentive for the start of pilot projects that help to design future cities. Approximately 600 million euros have been allocated to initiate and support about 57,000 projects (as of July 2013) for climate protection and a sustainable energy future. The logistics and freight transport sectors play an active part and contribute significantly to reaching the objectives. The growing urbanization and resulting consequences for the population and the economy reveal the need for a new design of urban living spaces. In this context, especially urban areas will require innovative and sustainable logistics concepts and systems.


Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT)