FORTEMAP 8.1 Geoinformatics and Customer Service System


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FORTEMAP 8.1 Geoinformatics and Customer Service System

The FORTE®MAP 8.1 Geospatial System of Intermap Ltd. fully supports municipal administration and decision-making processes. In the city of Dunakeszi, a unique solution has been introduced:  with a unique survey, the full virtual print of the city can be accessed by administrators, any public space position can get a full panoramic view, in spatial panoramas, the spatial position of public objects can be determined by pointing out and displayed in the GIS, measurements can be made on the panorama images. The above results are achieved with our own developed GeoMeter® 600 spatial survey instrument that automatically collaborates with FORTE®MAP 8.1 GIS. The solution was later linked to the FORTE® Customer Service System, which is a European quality customer service.


Intermap Ltd.
Dunakeszi municipality