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The main goal of the MaaS4EU (Mobility as a Service for Europe) project is to provide quantifiable evidence, frameworks and tools, to remove the barriers and enable a cooperative and interconnected EU single transport market for the mobility as a service (Maas) concept, by addressing challenges at four levels: business, end-users, technology and policy. This will be achieved by defining sustainable business models that support the cooperation across transport stakeholders, understanding user needs and choices, implementing the required technological infrastructure and identifying the enabling policy and regulatory frameworks. MaaS4EU will provide quantifiable evidence about MaaS costs and benefits in three real-life, complementary pilot cases, demonstrating the concept in urban, intercity and cross-border trips at three EU areas. The case study areas are the Greater Manchester (UK), Luxembourg-Germany border area and Budapest (Hungary). The project will scale up the MaaS Framework and the findings in order to contribute to the EU single market vision and the H2020 agenda of achieving smart, green and integrated mobility and designing commercialization strategies focusing on SMEs.


Intrasoft International S.A.
University College London
Wolverhampton Egyetem
Institute of Communication and Computer Systems - ICCS
Ximedes Software B.V.
INLECOM Systems Ltd.
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
University of the Aegean – Research Unit
Transport for Greater Manchester
S.L.A. s.a. (Sales-Lentz)
Hayfield Sustainable Transport Ltd.
Aachener Verkehrsverbund GmbH
TRT Trasporti e Territorio SRL
MaaS Global


United Kingdom (UK)