Local waste heat usage

Local waste heat usage

The Zuidoostlob area in Amsterdam is home to multiple sources of waste heat – for example, numerous data centres and the Academic Medical Center (AMC). As part of the Amsterdam Energy Atlas, initial research has been conducted into the extent to which this waste heat can be used to satisfy local heating demands. The aim of this study is to provide an indication of the parties in the Zuidoostlob who would benefit from switching to a system using waste heat.All aspects of waste heat usage will be investigated. The initial focus is on the AMC, whereby a wide range of issues will be examined. These include the financial feasibility, whether parties are interested in switching to a waste heat system, the required contractual arrangements and whether buildings will need to be adjusted. As such, a complete overview of the situation will be compiled in order to reach the implementation phase. A quick scan will be conducted in the third quarter of 2014 in order to establish which parties could feasibly switch to a waste heat system. These parties will subsequently be invited to be closely involved in the next phase and add additional detail to the feasibility study. During workshops, they will be introduced to potential consumers, carriers and producers. There will be a clear focus on helping to form alliances between all involved parties. The initial phase will be followed by a period of market consultation and the drafting of contracts. Issues relating to implementation will then be addressed. This project will also provide insight into other business models linked to heating in the city, making it of potential interest to companies looking to use sustainable heating. The Zuidoostlob is the area between the Amstel trainstation and the AMC along the municipal border of Amsterdam.


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